Who we are

Our Motto:

"If you're not happy, we're not happy"


Established in late 2016, which started as an idea between two friends. We both realised that most people wear the same shoes and in most occasions same design or colour, this gave us an idea why not provide people with the opportunity to wear something unique and something fresh that is not in the market. This is how Rollbacker first began in 2016.

We love our shoes and from your feedback these many months its clear to us your enjoy them as well, which makes our cause more worthwhile, putting smiles on your faces. You get to walk around and express who you are and of course answer the "where did you get those amazing shoes" questions. Thanks guys!

Our Mission is to provide your with the most unique and exclusive shoes on the market, something new and exclusive. We are always adding new shoes and looking up new categories to add to our existing range.

As you can see from our huge motto from the top of the page "If your're not happy, we're not happy", we want all our customers to enjoy their new purchase, that means if there is any concerns or suggestions we would absolutely love the feedback via our Contact Form. Please take a look via our FAQ for any common questions.

We would also like to request a unboxing video from our customers and in exchange we will provide you with an exclusive coupon to use on your next purchase, more info can be requested via our Contact Form.

Again, welcome to Rollbacker and thank you for reading About Us!



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